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Why can't I attach the same 3D model to this footprint?

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Why can't I attach the same 3D model to this footprint?

I have a library with two resistors in it, they both use the same footprint and they should have the same 3D model as well.  Why can't I add the existing 3D model without being forced to rename it?  These parts should both reference the same fp and same model.




I can right click and choose attach existing 3D model. But after I select it asks me to rename it and complains that a package with this name already exists.


The footprints are clearly linked because if I rename RESC1005X40 in one, it renames it in the other automatically.


What gives?

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You should be able to do this.   Try removing the footprint from the second component, then creating the variant again using the package.  The component variant is probably pointing to the footprint instead of the package.  I will test this out too and let you know, stay tuned.

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So I just went through a little test and after I attached the 3d model to the footprint (using create new or attach copy), the different devices using that footprint did update to use the package (at which point i see the package as a child of the footprint in all devices).  So I'm not entirely sure yet how you got into this state, maybe you can help?
Regardless, I am pretty sure that the state you ended up in here is that the top component has a package variant, and the bottom component has a footprint variant.  I think the solution is to remove the variant without the package and re-add it and I think it should clear things up.

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