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Where to find the frame library?

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Where to find the frame library?

I just started the schematic but where do I find the frame library?

In the videos they find it Library manager -"Available" but for me it's empty.

In the bottom left corner it says "Working offline", why? My system is online.




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in reply to: hato54

I restated Fusion 360 and the library's was downloaded. STRANGE?

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in reply to: hato54

Unfortunately restarting Fusion sometimes really is the fix to the issue at least for the current update.


But it's still usually best to raise the issue on the forum whenever you can so they know what to look for.


I'm hopeful that the library environment is one that receives some TLC in the future. Not being a formally educated board designer or even someone that does this every day, there are things that simply don't seem very intuitive to me but I don't have the experience from other big-name software to compare to.




Steve Ritter
Manufacturing Engineer

Fusion 360
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in reply to: hato54

Thank You for the answer.

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in reply to: ritste20

I have the same problem, i restarrted fusion 360 many times, also restarted the computer and it is still in offline mode, does anyone have any ideas why, could the server on the other end not allow me back in? it is a bit frustrating

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in reply to: ziga.rupret

Same issue here. Says "working offline". I've only been evaluating F360 for a few days, hoping to use the ecad functionality but so far it's been an absolute mess. Does not seem reliable for professional work. 

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in reply to: hato54

I have the same issue - for the record, trying to follow this helpful advice so that my page cross references make sense:

Create links between schematic sheets

  • To add a frame, use the Place Component command, and select a frame from the frames library. For example, FRAME_A_L is an 8.5 x 11-inch frame with blocks numbered 1 to 6 along the top and A to E down the sides.


But my libraries do not include the "frames library".  And with all due respect, "restart Fusion 360" is NOT a "solution".

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in reply to: KSellers66

The "frames" library is on
Make sure you have the "" checkbox marked when searching for libraries.
Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 10.29.15.png

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