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Where is the Pin-To-Pad Connect equivalent in F360 Electronics

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Where is the Pin-To-Pad Connect equivalent in F360 Electronics

To be absolutely sure I am working without EAGLE vestiges, I am working on a computer with recent Fusion 360 only and have tried to create a library.

Symbols, Footprints and Packages can be created. Package can be associated to footprint. Works fine and smoother than in EAGLE.


I could not find the place where to associated Symbols with Footprints. Where is the equivalent of the EAGLE dialog below?


2020-02-01 19_03_12-Library Basics Part 3_ Creating Devices _ EAGLE _ Blog.png



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You have to disconnect the pin/pad relationships to be able to re-assign them.

Once everything is connected (as shown in your image) - you have no options left.

Carlos Acosta
Factory400 - YouTube|Instagram
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There were no previous connections, because as I wrote I uninstalled EAGLE cleanly and rebuilt the small devices totally from scratch to learn the Fusion workflow. The image is from the web, just to show which box I needed.


So how do I find the equivalent of this box in a Fusion-Only workflow.

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2020-02-02 18_32_29-.png


One can easily miss it, because by default it is VERY narrow and hides behind Inspector/Selection

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