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When the library problems will be solved ??????? it is becoming urgent !!!!!!!! 5 more hours wasted :-(

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When the library problems will be solved ??????? it is becoming urgent !!!!!!!! 5 more hours wasted :-(

I'm getting tired of stopping a job and continuing it with another software like DIPTRACE or Althium which works 100 times better than Fusion, all in all with libraries that even a child could use.


It's been over a year since I hear that Fusion will solve all these problems and to date NOTHING !!!! on the contrary, the problems are getting worse.


When is the boss of Eagle going to decide to speak ????? it is becoming urgent.


Why pay a Fusion license to use other software, so I pay twice.

If you can't develop Fusion give us back Eagle it worked much better.

I'm angry that I'm wasting my time figuring out or trying to solve library problems, when it's super simple, DIPTRACE, ALTHIUM, KiKAD, ECAD ... do it very well.

Your CLOUD system is not working, stop that and give us an efficient and functional local system rather than trying to complicate everything.

Why add new functions while the essential does not work ? WHY ?

Sorry to get angry like that, but I want to waste another 5 hours on a library problem and I have a job to return for Monday, I am tired of your negligence and incomprehension.



PS:Please the Fusion community help me, we will be stronger, I sometimes have the impression of being alone in the world with these library problems.


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Hi @RitchieParis,


I'm discussing with my colleagues how to proceed with your current situation. You'll probably be getting some form of response early next week.


Best Regards,


Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Hi Jorge,


Thanks for your reply, can I send you the video and you telle me if this is normal or I do something wrong ? I don't think because I did this manipulations many time in the past and without any problem, but why not.



Best Jorge.

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in reply to: RitchieParis

I replaced all the components one by one and the problem is solved !! but many crash and quit when I change a PAD component.


I will continue my job with another CAD SOFT sorry I have to works.


Capture d’écran 2021-09-25 à 09.59.14.png


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Hi @RitchieParis ,


I am sorry that you are still experiencing trouble with libraries in Fusion 360. Our dev team is working on this, but it's a tricky task, and we want to give you a good library experience in future, This means a lot of ground work to overcome the 30 years old library concept we inherited from EAGLE. 

Please be patient with us.  


Best regards,

Richard Hammerl

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in reply to: RichardHammerl

Hi  Richard Hammerl


Could you please tell us what Autodesk is proposing for the COMPLETE REWRITING the Library system in Fusion?


I have not seen a road map, or any USER FEEDBACK summary or feature requests that may be issues, I have not seen any USER surveys or no list of features that we could VOTE on?


I absolutely HATE the current Library system ( even the system from Old eaglecad was terrible) , its too complicated and confusing, its is TOO SLOW and clunky! It needs to be more graphically oriented with a heavy emphasis on DRAG and DROP! 


We need a LOCAL system, so all our libraries and files are stored and "worked" on locally, just use the CLOUD for backup and TEAM sync. Currently the cloud "gets in the way" of everything and just makes everything SLOW and Clunky.


We need to remove the LIBRARY.IO and MANAGED LIBRARIES functions!

these concepts are not needed for electronics (as we dont work this way with Mcad in Fusion)


I have many ideas, but i feel it's too late to contribute. ( and i feel i don't like what the future holds)


By the way, I really like your youtube channel! probably the easiest tutorial ever, regarding Con-Fusion360 Electronics!



Dave M


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