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When creating Package from footrpint, I am loosing 0.2mm of 8.2

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When creating Package from footrpint, I am loosing 0.2mm of 8.2

Step 1.










Step 2 is Create Package from Footprint( in Part editor). Here comes the problem vertical raster between PAD is changing from 8.2 to 8 mm.






Result: Package from( manufacter ) Step file can not be exact positioned to fit in the PADs.



Whats interesting in the generated 3D view of PCB the raster looks more or less correct. Somewhere is bug.


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I created another one Part where Raster during "production" was set to 0.5 mm, connector has 5.5mm raster and then after Create Package based from Footrpint the missing  delta is 0.5 mm

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Hi @christopher2KLSVU  

I hope you are doing well.

Sorry for the inconvenience. For the issue you mentioned before, I can't reproduce it with general footprint. I guess it  may be related with specific footprint.

Can you attach the library file which can reproduce this issue ? It will help our developers to find  the root cause to this issue quickly. Thank you very much!


Best Regards

Panpan Fan

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Perhaps the issue is related with importing DXF file via import DXF ULP.

The way i have created part was:


1. New Electronic Library,

2.Add symbol , Footprint

3. Then Importing attached DXF(SPT254dxf2D_2 v3.dxf) file on layer 21, I did not want to waste time to draw it by hand.


From some reasons I had to scale ( in ULP by factor 0.393701) it to get the right dimensions. These first DXF file was created(reedited) in Fusion Editor based on manufacter's DXF file




4.Pads were created by hand by me,  I had raster which helped me to place pads on the proper  coordinates X:Y.

5. Then Issue comes after Create Package from footprint, In 3D editor my 8.2 mmm somehow has been changed to 8mm.



Today I can not recreate it, however I did two separated libs and there was problem on Saturday.


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Hi @christopher2KLSVU 

Thanks for your detailed description.

I use the same steps as you mentioned to create footprint and 3d Package and it works well for me (8.2 mm in package editor)

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 9.33.25 PM.png

If you still meet this issue or if you have the 'wrong' flbr file, please tell us


Best Regard,

Panpan Fan


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I ll try to recreate it. The one thing was different during the process( I remember now) raster was not friendly to my pins and I put Y coordinates for pad from finger. Units were metric. Default values what yoy get after switch from inches to mm.

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Hi, @christopher2KLSVU 


The issue you reported has been resolved with the latest Fusion update (2.0.11183+), if you open the inconsistent footprint and 3D package, syncing would proceed automatically. Save the file could resolve the inconsistent problem. Would you please have a try? 




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in reply to: christopher2KLSVU

I can not try , no time, other tasks, but I belive you 🙂

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