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What's the Point of Making a Group?

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What's the Point of Making a Group?

So I created a thermal via group (5 vias in a vertical line).

After placing a few groups, I noticed the via drill was too small.

So when I click on one of the vias in the group and change the drill size, I would expect the rest of the vias in the group, to adjust to the new size.


They did not.


What is the benefit of creating a group, if I still need to adjust the properties of each individual via in the created group?


Makes no sense and is a time waster.


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Hi @RCBakerBorn 


Our group concept has some opportunities to be improved for sure.


In the meantime, to achieve what you want, you could select the group from the "design manager" panel in the groups dropdown, which will automatically select all objects in that group - then from the "inspector" panel you can edit the common properties of the selected objects e.g. the via drill and notice that they will all update together.

Pieter-Jan Van de Maele
Senior Engineering Manager, Fusion Electronics
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in reply to: RCBakerBorn

so, I was able to navigate to the location you provided (see screenshot below), but I was not finding where I could modify the common properties.





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in reply to: RCBakerBorn

Hi @RCBakerBorn,


I hope you're doing well. A persistent group just makes it easier to later select those components. With that said you don't want to edit the group itself. If you make a selection of just the vias, the properties of the vias should show up in the inspector and you can edit them there.


Try just making the selection.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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