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what happened to the link/update warning from an eagle push update or ECAD????

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what happened to the link/update warning from an eagle push update or ECAD????

Hi all,

maybe it is just me, im perplexed by the dissapearance of the "chain link" logo/ yellow triangle warning, that occurs when i make an change in eagle. (or in 360 ecad, new file or imported from eagle) There used to be a warning/ notification that a newer pcb version has been pushed from Eagle, and you guessed it, asked if you would you like to update you mechanical model.

Of course says i, since i was the one who changed it. This happens All the TIME, as a designer of both the mechanics and hardware electronics. No workflow is rigid.

For a very long time, i continued to used Eagle seperately, because frankly, its great, the first iteration of ECAD on fusion was total $&*£, for reasons already known.


But alas, this week, i cant i figure out why the "chain link" facility has disappeared, between my dragged and dropped/inserted pcbs, and the mechanical assemblies. Sure, inserted mechanical components still have there little link/chain logo, but where did the electronics links on go?!

If i had hair, it would be pulled out by now.


From what i can figure out, the link remains missing even if i:


1- Have timeline on in F360 mech for a pcb insert, (im not a timeline fan), but i switched it on just to allow inserts to happen.

2- use old imported Eagle Scm & pcb, where F360 ECAD accepts imported  SC, PCB, and lib.

3- create a completely new  simple scm/pcb/3d-pcb within F360.

4 - cross my fingers with a rabbits foot in other hand.

i too - and - fro all the time, due to space restraints, cost, simplicitity between scm, pcb and Mech. its a pain to have delete and insert, and move 3d pcb every time now. Work around or solution asap!




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in reply to: Bruce


In urgency, i just found a workaround/hack/bodge, while using Eagle 2 F360 pushes on an old f360 3dpcb file.

- this may help highlight where the issue is for Dev folks.


this works with Eagle, doing the pushes to F360.


1 - find a old, not used anymore 3d pcb file from a couple of months ago, that you dont need anymore, lying in F360 - (a copy and rename works too, but it has to be from sometime ago) - insert this into the F360 mechanical assembly etc that your working on. - you can tell if the Chain - link symbol appears, that its going to be a sucess at this point.

2- optional - rename inserted old file, so finding it will be easier.

3-go to Sync to f360 tab inEagle, remove any existing link that doesn't work anyway, steer to this already existing 3dpcb file of type above, and link to it.

4- the changes were effective after a Eagle 2 F360 push - even when the source pcb eagle file was completely different to the old 3d pcb file.

5- when any changes then made to scm or PCB in Eagle are then pushed; F360 would pick up on this with a refresh offered, and the yellow triangle warning comes up that things have changed as exspected.


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