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Warning! - Deleting attribute in inspector panel breaks F/B annotation

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Warning! - Deleting attribute in inspector panel breaks F/B annotation

Hi All,
Fusion Electronics makes it very easy to break the F/B annotation and quite difficult to fix once it broken.  
Here is a particularly easy way to break the F/B annotation.  
1) Open any Electronics Design that has board and schematic that are consistent
2) Select any component from the schematic (double click it to show the inspector pane)
3) In the inspector pane, right click on an attribute line and select delete (interestingly, delete it is the only option)
4) Save your Project and close.  (you will receive no warnings or indications that things are broken)
Open the project and you will find that Board and schematic are no longer consistent.  
Upon further inspection, you will find the attribute was deleted from the part in the PCB design, but not in the schematic.
I use the windows version - not sure if this is a trouble in the other versions
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in reply to: kevin2MSFQ

Same trouble on Mac version.

Does anyone know how to make them consistent again ? (getting mad)



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in reply to: kevin2MSFQ

Hi @jeromeLTV,


The easiest fix is to delete the same attribute from the schematic, or alternatively recreate the attribute then run the ERC to confirm consistency has been restored.


I'll report this.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: kevin2MSFQ

Thanks for your prompt reply, Carlos.

I'll test this shortly, sure it will work.

This tricky workaround would deserve more attention from Autodesk to fix (raised 2 years ago and obviously well identified)...

Anyway, thanks for your support !



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