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Warning: 3DPCBHole > Compute failed > No target body

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Warning: 3DPCBHole > Compute failed > No target body

Hi, I get the following error when creating a 3DPCB, it did not happen before but I also did not use the function since December.


PCBHole1 > Compute failed > No target body.

PCBHole2 > Compute failed > No target body.

... up to 5, each number three times.


So far I have tried the following ways to resolve the error, unsuccessful:

Discarded the 3DPCB and created a new one (create associative PCB).

Deleted and remade the sketch outline in the file where it is derived from, then update to 3DPCB.

Checked whether there are any duplicate circles in the sketch or in the 2D PCB, could not find any.

Tried an "outline only" with no holes in the PCB.


It also happens when updating 3DPCBs which were saved 2 months ago and worked fine.

Thank you for your assistance,


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in reply to: tschneemann

@tschneemann , this error means that a hole is put outside of the board body. Can you turn on the holes layer and check if any hole is placed outside of the outline?



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in reply to: yqliu

...hello, and thank you for your quick response.


Found the component where this warning happens, a USB-C connector. The component/footprint is from Cui Devices website, it didn't cause any problem previously (CUI_UJC-HP-3-SMT-TR).


When I delete the blue milling outline in the sketch in the 3DPCB manually, the warning disappears (as does the milled slot... )


Could it have something to do with sequence/did the sequence to build the 3DPCB change from previous fusion builds? It seems to try to drill a hole where a cutout has been milled already.



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in reply to: tschneemann

@tschneemann, what you found is correct. the milling outline is the reason. The software doesn't process this case well. I will log a bug for this issue. Thanks!


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in reply to: yqliu

@yqliu, thank you very much

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