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View 3D PCB in originating design

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View 3D PCB in originating design

This might be related to my previous question,        Remove 3D PCB link               .


I started with a board outline created by a mechanical engineer. He gave me the board size and PTH locations for connectors as a solid works file. I imported this into Fusion and created a sketch based on the board outline. I used the sketch to create a 3D PCB. Then, after jumping through some hoops as detailed in my previous question, I linked the 3D PCB to my 2D layout. So far, so good.


No I want to view the 3D PCB back in the original design provided by the mechanical engineer. I want to do this so I can position my PTHs to match the locations in the original design. I'm not sure how to do this.


If I open the original design, then right click on my 3D PCB and try to "Insert into the Current Design," Fusion gives me an error about cyclical links. If I try to go the other direction, open the 3D PCB and try to insert the original design into it, I can't because that option is greyed out.


How do I view the original design and my 3D PCB at the same time?




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I'm following up on my own post.


I saw another post with a similar problem. The recommended solution was to create a new design and add the 3D PCB and the original design to the new one. Then you avoid the cyclic links problem. I tried this, but then I couldn't reposition the components in the 3D PCB.


It seems like I need to be working in the 3D PCB design to move the parts so they'll back-propagate to the 2D layout. That means if I want to reference locations in my originating design, I must add it to the 3D PCB design, but as I mention in the post above, that option is greyed out for me.


I notice that the pull-down menu with options like Generative Design, Render, Animate, etc. is missing the Design option when in the 3D PCB design. It seems like options that might enable me to do what I want (Insert) are found under Design.


I know I have previously done this - I was able to push around components to align with object in a larger assembly - so I must have forgotten something. Any help would be appreciated.



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in reply to: mike.durian

Hi @mike.durian ,


I hope you're having a great day. In the assembly file hover over the 3D PCB in the browser window and you'll see a pencil icon on the right of the text. That is Edit in Place (EIP) this will allow you to move components while in this new assembly. That's probably how you did it before.


Let me know if you continue to run into problems.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

Yes, you are correct. That did the trick. There seems to be a lot of saving a resaving files to make this work, but it does work. I'm sure there is a preferred method for making changes in the assembly, saving, pushing to 2D then back to 3D, then saving then updating the assembly again that streamlines things. But if I keep saving and pushing and updating, everything eventually gets back in sync.




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