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using an imported library in a schematic drawing

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using an imported library in a schematic drawing

hi, so for a school project i want to create a really simple pcb which has buttons and a relay

i found all the parts on the jlcpcb site where i want to order the pcb and i found the parts on snapEDA and downloaded the library, but how do i use these parts in a schematic drawing? If i open the library it opens the place where i can modify the components, but not where i can use them in a schematic?


This is probably extremely easy I just havent made any electrical things before

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Hi there,

Greetings. I hope you're doing well and I'm glad to help you out.


First, when opening a schematic from the new electronic design, you should see place components panel on the left, and there's little icon named open library manager. Or you can switch to Library tab on the toolbar and open the library manager there.

Secondly, you should see import libraries icon on the top, choose the right location where you downloaded the libraries from the 3rd party site. Then, make the imported libraries "in use" by switching on the toggle icon. 


Now, if you go back to the schematic canvas, try to search the library name in place components panel and you should be able to see it. 


There's also an official tutorial that may be helpful:

Please let me know if you have further questions. 



Boyuan Li

Fusion Electronics Team

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