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Using a design pushed from Eagle

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Using a design pushed from Eagle

I am an Eagle user for more than one year. I used Fusion360 now and then to draw some mechanical parts too. Today,  i am trying to use Fusion360 to create a box around my pcb design. I thought this is the key idea to export pcb design to a 3d software, right? I pushed my pcb design to fusion360. Altough some parts doesn't appear to be good but it was enough to create a box around. But i couldn't find a way to to convert my pcb design to a normal Fusion360 design. It is allways coming up as a electronic desing and there is no way to change it. At least i couldn't find it. Is there a way to copy my entire pcb as component(s) to a Fusion360 mechanical project? I tried to export it as STEP file and import it again. It is working but not a good solution because some canvases and colors is loosing after this process. Copy paste also not working. So how can i use my 3d pcb , in a mechanical project?

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Ok, I found a solution finally.

1 - Create a new normal mechanical design.

2- Save it. ( without save not working )

3- Drag and drop your 3d pcb design FILE into mechanical design area.

This is working. :)) 

If something can be done by drag and drop, i think, there should be also a way in some menu command. 

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