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User migration from Eagle to Fusion 360

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User migration from Eagle to Fusion 360



I´ve been working with Eagle for about 8 years and I would like to start using Fusion 360 for my electronic design. I have 2 basics questions:


1) Is there any complex tutorial for Eagle users how to start using Fusion 360? (In this tutorial should be mentioned major changes from Eagle like absence of commands, libraries concept and whole worklflow).


2) Is it possible to reorganize your youtube channel in Fusion 360 so the all videos for Fusion 360 Eelctronics would be at same place? Something like: Fusion360E - Tutorials, Fusion360E - Quick tips etc? I think that these videos shouldn´t be at same place as mechanical tutorials.


Best regards, Vojta.

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in reply to: havlicek6TH3H

Hi @havlicek6TH3H 

Thank you for using Fusion 360.

We have a playlist in Youtube channel and you can find all videos related to Fusion 360 Electronic

 And we suggest that you can firstly see those two videos.

If you have any problems when using Fusion 360, please post them in the forum.
And we will try our best to answer them.
panpan Fan
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in reply to: panpan_fan



thank you for quick reply. Ive been confused when I saw that there are videos in the middle of the mechanical tutorials.


Best regards, Vojta

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You're in for a wild ride.  I started this process about 6 months ago, migrating from V6.6.0 of Eagle.


A few recommendations:

1.  Focus on using Fusion 360 for a background project that isn't time critical.  There is a very steep learning curve, the support documentation is basic to say the least, and whilst there are lots of Youtube videos, its frustrating having to sit through 15minutes of YouTube only to find that you don't get an answer to your question.  Progress will be painfully slow to begin with

2.  Keep using Eagle for all your time critical projects, and for anything that doesn't need interface to a mechanical design package.  That way you can continue actually producing output without tearing your hair out

3.  Get used to this forum - you'll spend more time on here than you will actually producing useful output with Fusion 360.  Believe me - its true!!

4.  Just as you think you're getting on top of things, and making progress, Fusion 360 will just start throwing up random errors, and stuffing up your files or libraries or both.  This might be due to something you've unwittingly done but wasn't aware of because the workflow isn't well explained, or it might just be one of the many bugs Fusion 360 comes featured.


The Fusion 360 Electronics is very similar in concept to the Eagle that I am familiar with, but the layout of various menu options compared to V6.6.0 was quite different, so I spent a fair bit of time trying to get familiar with things I can do intuitively in Eagle.


I wish online info was much easier to search when you encounter issues, but mostly you've got to wade through videos, or jump on here and wait days for your issue to be investigated and resolved.


Good luck!!



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Thank you for your advice.


I've been using last version of Eagle (9.6.2) so I hope that the differences between these 2 softwares will be little bit smaller than between Fusion and V6.6.0. Autodesk made huge changes since this version.


All I need is reliability (ERC, DRC, generating manufacturing data) without errors and too much overhead.

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If you don't need the 3D design features of Fusion I can't recommend to change from Eagle to Fusion right now.
Actually Eagle is much more stable, it is using about 3% of the RAM of Fusion (Yes I am running Fusion and Eagle together right now - Fusion takes 1200 MB RAM, Eegle 40MB)
The optical overhead of Fusion is really high compared to eagle. When opening an schematics you have it in a small window which takes about 30% of the screen. You need to cklick 3 times to remove design manager, inspector and design overview (But you still haven't the same size of the screen being used for the schematics as from eagle.)

All your well known Icon positions are gone.

Some commands can only be entered via command line (if you are lucky and remember them from eagle).

You need to pay monthly subscription.

There's no freeware version with "read only" option to take a look at it for other people in the company (like from production people)


best regards


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And the ride gets better if you try to use their simulation engine.


I guess this is what they call Progress.

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As @helmut.krausEBCDG  indicates, if your priority is reliability without too much overhead, stick with Eagle.  Moving to Fusion360, you'll gain nothing in terms of functionality if all you are doing is 2D PCB designs, but you'll lose significantly with productivity.


Good luck!



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in reply to: havlicek6TH3H

I agree with all of the warnings above.  Watch out for those "cloud saves" too.  

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in reply to: ayorkR8GD6

I also am working with the latest versions of Eagle since a few years and also thinking to start working with fusion.

But... each time I check the newest fusion electronic additions and BUGs, I can't do it.

Fusion 360 is so slow and buggy compared to Eagle. There's no way that I would do a any work with fusion at the current state.

I even asked autodesk if fusion electronics was ready for production 1 month ago and they told it was! But it clearly it isn't. All Fusion electronic users are being beta testers. I hate being beta tester .


Hope they will release soon a production ready Fusion Electronics for me to updgrade. 

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