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Use sketches in board outline to define polygons

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Use sketches in board outline to define polygons

I am working on makeing gerber files for a board model that was created by a client in solidworks. This particular board has important copper pads whose geometry needs to be pushed. Also, it is a flex PCB in the end, so their location needs to be accurate for it to work mechanically. The client also drew out where the traces should go in solidworks to communicate design intent. 


I can import the SW model into Fusion, make a projected sketch of the features, make an associative PCB  with this sketch. So far so good. The problem is with making the copper pour polygons. Is there any way to push a sketch to the 2D PCB where I can define what layer it is on and pour it?


Best I could find was go back to solidworks, save the outline as a DFX, and import that as the footprint of a component and drag it around until it overlaps the sketch in the 3DPCB view. This is tedious and the design keeps changing. 

I also found that I can trick it by making the board have "holes" where the polygons should be, selecting the lines in the 2D PCB, and moving them to a different layer. BUt this only works if the polygons don't have holes in them, which in this case they do. 

Maybe this can be a future improvement? 

Not sure if I was clear in explaining this. TL;DR please allow for sketches to be associated to 2D PCBS from the modeling side, not just the board outline. 


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Hello @chris.rouxel88,


Thank you for this suggestion. This is something we are actively working on so it's nice to see it validated in the wild.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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