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Use dxf file to create a PCB outline

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Use dxf file to create a PCB outline

I have a dxf file that represents an Antenna - i want to create a new electronic component for it, to add to future PCBs. 


A solution has been posted from @edwin.robledo  here: Re: Problem importing DXF: dimensions not matching - Autodesk Community - Fusion 360 , with steps: 

  1. Use dxf to create a PCB outline
  2. Group/copy it to the library to fine-tune it

His .flbr [can be found in the solution to question linked above] file added displays the antenna with the correct dimensions: 



However I am unable to replicate the solution: 

I tried doing: 

file -open - (openfile.dxf) displaying this screen: [I've attached the .dxf file]



Create--> derivepcbfromsketch: i select the design and i get this outcome: 


I can't quite understand the steps he has taken, i need more details on: 


1. How to use a dxf file to create a PCB outline ?

2. How to transfer it to footprint of a new electronic library component ?




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Hi @Anonymous ,


The antenna design you are playing with has too many possible outlines so it wouldn't process correctly to be an outline, you would have to be very careful when selecting the contours.


I recommend getting a DXF that only has a single contour (this is all you would want for a PCB outline anyway) and then convert that to a 3D PCB.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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