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Updated 3d package version mismatch

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Updated 3d package version mismatch

I have found several people have had trouble updating their project when a library changes, but I managed to create the reverse problem.


I have created an LED module in my own library in the usual way.  I've used it in a design and everything's cool there.   But I use Fusion 360 a lot for general 3d designs (not electronics) so along the way I navigated directly to the 3d package design and opened and edited it directly without going through the library manager.  All I did was alter the appearance of the LED digits (literally, the color) and saved as v11.


I closed that tab and realized I needed to go into my library to update the device as it was still using the v10 package.  How do I do this?


If I go into my library and open the package (via the content manager) it brings up v10 and gives me the little yellow triangle warning flag saying "a new version of this document exists."   Then I hit "finish" (without really doing anything) and it says there are unsaved changes.  If I try to save I get an error "Saving 0 of 1 design" with "Cannot be saved" and it shows my module's name with "Out-of-date" as a reason.  All I can do here is hit Cancel.


It does suggest in the hover help that I can choose "Save as latest" via the File menu.  And in this case that would be ok.  But I'm wondering what I should have done if I really had made extensive edits.  I'm thinking there must be a way to re-associate the version of the package model with the device in the electronics library.  Maybe delete and re-add the package in the Devices tab?



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I finally got back to this.  As I mentioned in the original post, when you get into editing the 3d model (via editing the package from the library) it complained I was not editing the latest version of the model.  There seems to be no way to update the reference from the library, so instead while editing the (outdated) 3d model, I want to the file menu and did a "Save As Latest".  After the warning I was going to stomp over edits, it saved and now all is well.  Good thing the mods I had made were not important as they were lost.


So it seems this is a fair warning.  Don't edit an electronics 3d package without launching the edit via the electronics library that manages it.

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in reply to: tinglett

Hi, @tinglett 


This is an area that would make people feel confused, We have got a plan to make the approach of 3D package only available in library document, will let you now once the enhancement is accomplished.




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Hi @tinglett ,


Hope all is well. How time flies.


I'd like to share with you that in today's latest Fusion version 2.0.17710 we now introduced an improvement when opening library which has updated 3D Package outside of the library file.


So if you modify the 3D Package outside of library file > Reopen the saved library > Switch to Packages of Content Manager > You could see an update icon the right click 3D Package > Right click the package > Update to latest. 


Then it will take the update to the library.




Could you please upgrade to latest version and have a try when you have time?

Thank you very much.


Best regards,


Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics

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