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Update parts in a schematic from one library to a different library

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Update parts in a schematic from one library to a different library

I'm back with another problem/question... 🙂


I've imported a schematic/board created in EAGLE, where I don't have access to the libraries used. I need to update the footprint for some of the components, so I've copied the devices in question from the schematic/board to a different library and updated the footprints in the new library. For one of the devices (a fiducial), I used the replace command in board view to replace each footprint, but I also need to replace the footprint for most of the resistors and capacitors, and doing a replace on every single one will get old very quick.


I did a search and found a post from 2020, where it seems there is not a way to do it semi-automatically and the easiest way would be to use Filter and Replace on the individual parts. Is this still the case, or has there been any improvements in updating components from different libraries in the meantime?


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in reply to: Stigoe

Hi @Stigoe,


The update command has a special argument for library replacement. See the Fusion 360 help page here:

When used with old_library_name = new_library_name (note that there has to be at least one blank before and after the '=' character), the UPDATE command locates the library named old_library_name in the current board or schematic, and updates it with the contents of new_library_name. Note that old_library_name must be the pure library name, without any path, while new_library_name may be a full path name or URN. If the update was performed successfully, the library in the current board/schematic file will also be renamed accordingly - therefore this whole operation is, of course, only possible if new_library_name has not yet been used in the current board or schematic.

I do recommend you use the URN for the new library name to guarantee the correct library is used for the replacement.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

Hi, Jorge,


Thanks for the suggestion.


If I do the update command, will it only update any components with the same part name/footprint, or will it replace everything from the old library with the new library? I have only copied the parts from the old library which needed to be updated. All the other components are still only in the old library, and I've also used a part from the new library in the schematic. Well, actually only on the board, as it was the fiducials. Will I still be able to use the update command?

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in reply to: Stigoe

I tried to do the update command, but it failed with an error message that the new library had already been used in the project, so I guess there is currently no way to update multiple components from one library to a new library without doing it one component at a time?


If this is the case, and there is no other way to do this, my feature request would be that it would be possible to select multiple components at once and change library, or replace component without having so do it for each component one at a time.

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