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Unaviable Library neverending story

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Unaviable Library neverending story

I just created new schematic two resistors in schematic and as always when I go to Library to add any part i see RCL lib is marked as unavailable.


What the hell ?? Is this joke? No matter if free or paid subscription, software reinstalled.

Such problem with a very basic library?!!, C1210 taken to the schematic and two resistors 1206 and the RCL lib is always marked as unavailable.

fus lib.png

So poor software...

-No order in Libraries, multiple existence of same library

-No D2PAK N FET in thousand of libraries - is this joke?

-Waiting for (1st time)search result from libraries takes 3 or 4 minutes to look for *D2PAK* keyword- joke?

Why the hell I have paid for it?



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-Poor library search,

look how does it work in OrCAD you put "78" and automatically you have listed in alphabetic order all the parts like 7805 7806 7809 7812 etc. quickly and comfortable without cloud support..more than 10 years ago


Sorry but this software should be for free for all people which are helping develop your software.

Mentor Pads professional full access 14 days Trial via official distributor 30 days!


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Hi Christopher,


First of all thanks for letting us know about this issue. Could it be so that you are working on multiple machines? Right now there is an issue that libraries need to be added manually (put "in use" through the library manager) on every machine you work on. We understand this is frustrating and it's one of our main priorities to get fixed. 


The other issues you point out related to the layout of the add dialog, library manager and their respective search capabilities are also on our radar and are also being worked on as we speak. 


I hope you're able to stick with us a bit longer and give us the opportunity to get these things fixed.

Pieter-Jan Van de Maele
Senior Engineering Manager, Fusion Electronics
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Hello Pieter,  no it is single machine.

Never used a second machine.


I installed f360 I did one pcb on free license and there was is always such problem. Then I unistalled installed again and I saw its always comming back like boomerang, evwry time i click add and use.


Then I even bought subsription for new autodesk account and it is the same story with libs.Not only RCL lib as well my own which I created by scr scriot.


Never used multiple machine.

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Interesting, thanks for that information! This sounds like an extremely frustrating situation. The library index is stored in a file called the "libraries.rc" on your local machine. I wonder if something went wrong there. 


The location of this file is: 

Windows: %APPDATA%\..\Local\Autodesk\Autodesk Fusion 360\Electron\lbr\libraries.rc

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/Autodesk Fusion 360/Electron/lbr/libraries.rc 
Would you mind opening this file with a text editor and taking a look to see if you find the library you are trying to add in there? This file is saved whenever Fusion shuts down (gracefully), so it might be worth it to add the library and then shut down fusion before opening it. 
I hope we can figure this out! 
Pieter-Jan Van de Maele
Senior Engineering Manager, Fusion Electronics
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I will check it a give you an answer.

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Here are the lines found in the mentioned above file: = "Eagle Pcb"
Lbr.Managed.4.folder_id = "104570"
Lbr.Managed.4.has_urns = "1"
Lbr.Managed.4.modified = "0" = "rcl"
Lbr.Managed.4.path = "C:/Users/PC/AppData/Local/Autodesk/Autodesk Fusion 360/Electron/lbr/adsk.eagle_library_334/rcl.lbr"
Lbr.Managed.4.urn = "urn:adsk.eagle:library:334"
Lbr.Managed.4.used = "1"
Lbr.Managed.4.user_id = "000000000000"
Lbr.Managed.4.version = "11"



Lbr.WIP.urn:adsk.wipprod:fs.file:vf.LhaUTQy_R_6HRfQYDADh4Q.linkedlibrary = "urn:adsk.eagle:library:334"
Lbr.WIP.urn:adsk.wipprod:fs.file:vf.LhaUTQy_R_6HRfQYDADh4Q.linkedversion = "11" = "rcl"
Lbr.WIP.urn:adsk.wipprod:fs.file:vf.LhaUTQy_R_6HRfQYDADh4Q.path = "C:/Users/PC/AppData/Local/Autodesk/Autodesk Fusion 360/8S22P9WYR75D/W.login/F/_rcl.9b766ac3-6bbc-48e2-8787-0e5ef5bf2aac.flbr.lbr"
Lbr.WIP.urn:adsk.wipprod:fs.file:vf.LhaUTQy_R_6HRfQYDADh4Q.urn = "urn:adsk.wipprod:fs.file:vf.LhaUTQy_R_6HRfQYDADh4Q"
Lbr.WIP.urn:adsk.wipprod:fs.file:vf.LhaUTQy_R_6HRfQYDADh4Q.used = "1"
Lbr.WIP.urn:adsk.wipprod:fs.file:vf.LhaUTQy_R_6HRfQYDADh4Q.version = "3"
Lbr.WIP.urn:adsk.wipprod:fs.file:vf.LhaUTQy_R_6HRfQYDADh4Q?version = "3.used = "1"



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Interesting. So those entries look fine. That's a good sign.


This makes me feel like the issue you are seeing was actually fixed by our August update. The bug we fixed there would remove your library from the "In Design" tab after clicking Edit from the library manager. Does this sound familiar? Would you mind trying it again on the latest update? Make sure your build number is 2.0.8749, which was the release we put out on Monday. You can find this in the "Fusion 360 > About Fusion 360" page.

Pieter-Jan Van de Maele
Senior Engineering Manager, Fusion Electronics
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My current edition was installed 2 days ago. I removed the previous one just from windows Add/remove software without applying any registry cleaner or auto desk cleaner.


Now I am reinstalling it again but I will apply auto desk  f360cleaner.  We will see.

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Hi @christopher2KLSVU I was wondering if you were able to verify if the August update fixed your problem or not? We'd love to fix this issue if it's still present. 

Pieter-Jan Van de Maele
Senior Engineering Manager, Fusion Electronics
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Hello Pieter I will confirm it later. I do not want to say it now because today I was fighting with part editor I did not place any new resistors or caps today, thus i must work more with schematic.

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Today I did note this problem.

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