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Unable to remove library attribute once part is place

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Unable to remove library attribute once part is place

We have our own internal parts library and some of the parts in the library have an attribute called X but for an irrelevant reason we have to have a different value for attribute X on different boards now. Since an attribute that is defined on a part in the library can't be changed I want to remove the attribute in the library, so what I did is the following:


  1. I went into our library and edited the device, removing the attribute in question.
  2. I created a new version of the library and published it.
  3. I went into the schematic view of the board which is using the part and updated the library.
  4. That didn't seem to work, although the library was now updated and the part in the library didn't have the attribute anymore, the attribute was still there in the schematic and I still could not edit it.
  5. So to try and fix this I selected the replace part menu and replace the part in question with the same part to see if that removed the attribute, but it did not


So this is problematic, in the library the part does not have attribute X anymore but in the schematic attribute X still shows that it is defined by the library and I can't change it. The only way I can seem to get it to work is by completely deleting the part from the schematic and adding it back in. But that is a terrible solution since the part is already routed on the board and its very complex, and removing it and adding it back in would mean a ton of unnecessary work and potential for mistakes on an already proven layout.


Im not sure if this is a bug in the way fusion360 electronics updated library part changes or if im just doing something wrong, but help would be appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

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in reply to: derluis

It was my fault after all, the part had two variants and I was removing the part in only one of them

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