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Unable to "Create new library" in from Fusion Electronics

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Unable to "Create new library" in from Fusion Electronics

I am editing a schematic. I can select the LIBRARY toolbar and Open Library Manager and select my library.

I can create a new device (using existing symbol, footprint and package).

I can save the library to the Fusion 360 project hierarchy.

I cannot find a way to reproduce the Eagle command to "Create new version..." to synchronise with

Executing "Update design from library" does nothing and I can see  the version in library manager is unchanged.

How should I proceed to update the library used in the design?

PS The work you are doing with Fusion 360 is truly impressive - Thank you. 


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Problem is, library edited or created in Fusion360 is saved as a standalone new version, but only in Fusion space, and there is no connection with or Eagle after that (AFAIK). If you want to work with this library (in schematic, board) you have to work in Fusion360.

You can export that library as "EAGLE 9.X compatible library File" in the newest version of Fusion and upload it to, but then 3d models are lost...So you have to also export your 3D models as STEP, and assign it to your device directly in 

When I was trying to export library as "Eagle library File" (with 3d models from Fusion360), I always got an error in


Hope it helps


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Thank you Krysapear, that was very helpful, but not quite the solution I was aiming for, because I was working in the wrong direction. To move forward with Fusion 360 I need to edit my existing managed folder library and save it in Fusion 360 space. I can then add parts from the new library into my schematic, with all the goodness of edit and update design. The old managed folder library is now only useful if I need to use Eagle 9.x. Thanks again.

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