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Unable to display attribute in Layout Editor

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Unable to display attribute in Layout Editor

The management of Attributes in Fusion is (like the rest of Electronics) extremely frustrating.


My latest gripe, in a long list, is that I am unable to display a custom attribute in the Layout Editor. I have an attribute called LEGEND, on an LED,  that I want to display on the tNames layer so that it appears on the final silkscreen.


I used right-click->Attributes to pull up the attributes list, and changed Display to 'value', but despite having all layers enabled, the attribute does not show up. Why not?

See screenshots:





The components value attribute (150080YS75000) is visible but not the LEGEND attribute, which should display as Y1Lim-. This is working for other components with no obvious difference. I can find no way to make this attribute visible.


Also, why does Value not show up in the Attributes dialog? This means it is impossible to change the attribute fields such as Display unless it is already visible. It's stupid and another constant annoyance, like the rest of the application.


And similarly, for all attributes, unless it an attribute is already visible I can't change the layer. Which is also stupid. ALL of the attributes features, including Layer, should be accessible from the Attributes dialog.


It baffles me why AD folks seem so proud of this heap of crap. It's an awful package. Nothing works smoothly. And this latest version is the worst I have seen yet. Notice in my screenshot that the 'Info' pane is stuck at the top of the screen obscuring the menu buttons. Just one of many many things that this latest version has regressed on.


Please AD get your act together and fix this thing.

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in reply to: jonrbloom

Hey @jonrbloom,


It looks like your panel layout got out of control. You can always revert to the default by clicking File > View > Restore Default layout.

Now you mention the attribute is not visible for this part. Try the following:

1. Activate the Autoposition command. There's an icon in one of the menus under document. You can also type reposition in the CLI and press enter.

2. In the dialog that pops up make sure to set it up as Restore default

3. Click on the part in question


Does the attribute appear? If it doesn't try switching it's visible status in the attribute dialog and then changing it back. Basically, just trying to reset the drawing.

Let me know if you continue to run into problems.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

Did this resolve your issue? Please accept it "As a Solution" so others may benefit from it.
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Hi @jorge_garcia2 - As always, I appreciate the help.


I found the restore default menu button already and use it frequently to attempt to fix the spirited panel antics introduced in this version 😞 It doesn't affect this however. In fact I had very recently reset prior to taking the screen shots.


Ooh, I see an update downloading. Fingers crossed that some of these issues will be fixed.


No, I was hopeful, but Restore Default doesn't help. I had alreday tried Right-Click->RestorePosition by the way. But it didn't help either.


Toggling to off, and back to value doesn't fix it either 😞

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in reply to: jonrbloom

Just restarted to pick up the new version and my attributes have appeared.


No idea if that's a coincidence or that the new version has fixed something, but either way I am good. Thank you.


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