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Unable to change canvas or board color

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Unable to change canvas or board color

I am unable to set the canvas or board color in the 2D design. No matter what I choose I only get the standard canvas color and a white board in the 2D design. I want it to look just like the dark theme in Eagle.

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Hi @infinite.machinery 


thank you for your post in our Fusion Electronics Forum.

For changing the colors in Schematic or PCB Editors, please go to the Properties menu (1) and select General/Electronics (2). There you find general setting for black or white background in schematic or PCB. If you select General/Electronics/Color (3) you find options to change the System Colors for Electronics. 

Color settings for Fusion ElectronicsColor settings for Fusion Electronics


Best regards,

Richard Hammerl

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I've actually already tried changing the settings before my first post about this issue. I went through the exercise again and still no improvement. The odd thing is when I first started working on this PCB, I changed the colors and they were set properly. When I reopened the project the color settings disappeared, resulting in what you see in the attached picture. I'm making a PCB that is actually just a panel with drill holes.

No Color.PNG

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I hate the light coloring look in the board editor and want the dark look like I have used in Eagle forever.  

Nothing I do makes this work. 

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in reply to: Mowee

I had the same problem. I discovered that even thought I had selected Black for the design background, F360 decided that Black was some light shade of grey. Try double clicking on the selected color and adjust to taste. That worked for me.

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in reply to: infinite.machinery

I have set all the colors for the Black look to be the same colors as in Eagle but I'm getting that same light shade of grey look instead.   Where do I double click on the selected color???


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in reply to: infinite.machinery

I think I'm finally getting close to how I like it.   This entire color pallet should be standard like it was in Eagle.  


Now to solve a few other things like the Net Labels that are always ON in the board layout and where did the Rats Nest button go...  

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