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Trying To Create Existing PCB Component In Fusion 360

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Trying To Create Existing PCB Component In Fusion 360

I am trying to create this component that some company produced.


I really just need the component to have the correct dimensions of the board and the holes line up.


I created a Symbol file and now I am trying to create the Footprint and Package files. However, I am having a hard time using the dimensions provided in the part blueprint and applying them to the design files.


How can I ensure that the board is the correct dimensions and the holes are lined up where they should be per the blueprint?




Component Blueprint:

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Hello @ThePieMonster ,


all you need is on page 2


Attached one posible solution as a Eagle-Library you can import in Fusion

Eagle 9.6.2 / Fusion 360
Working with Eagle since Version 3.x
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I imported the file you attached to the project folder, however that file does not show up in the "Library Manager". 


I tried dragging the file over from the Team View shown below into the Design Manager - Parts window but that did nothing.




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Open the library manager, check "Fusion Team" and make sur the library is "in use":




Then when placing the component into a new schematic one would think when typing in the term that this would show the library in the list below, but that isn't so:



There are many areas that I personally find rather rough around the edges in Fusion 360 and are outright unpleasant to use.


However, if you expand the "All Libraries" pulldown, you'll find the library somewhere in that list. That list on your computer will different than mine:




When you then select that library from the list you'll find the device:






Peter Doering
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At a loss of what to do here...


I can see the lbr in the project folder, but it does not show up. I actually have two lbr's that are not showing up here.




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Just trying to make sure that this is the case:
Is that project in a team account or in SINGLE-USER STORAGE. That is the only reason I could imagine for the library to not show up, outside of a Fusion 360 hiccup ...




@jorge_garcia2 any other ideas what might be cause for this ?

Peter Doering
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Hi @ThePieMonster,


This happens sometimes. Click on the Import from Fusion Team option on the far right. That will allow you to bring in the library whenever it doesn't automatically get put into use.



Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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So it seems "uploading" a lbr in the project/team window is different then "opening" the lbr file which then imports it to the same place. The first just uploads a dummy file, and the later actually imports the library.  😓

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I am assuming what @jorge_garcia2 is saying, without saying it is that there is an open ticket  that they are working on resolving.

Peter Doering

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