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Transistor SOT23 Layout wrong! Emitter and Basis wrong

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Transistor SOT23 Layout wrong! Emitter and Basis wrong

Im confused.
Is in the library of SOT23 Transistor the PIN Emitter and Basis  in the Layout mixed up.

Seams this issue applys also to other SMD transisor footprints.
Datasheets of transitor. Pin 1 is Basis, Pin 2 is Emitter.
Fusion shows this mixed up!??

Have a niceday

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in reply to: wefindus

Many years ago I learned to totally and completely ignore all standard library parts in favor of making my own.

Over time, I learned that just creating your own from scratch is faster than trying to verify others or worse, finding a hard to see mistake late in the design.

With the rise is online libraries like SnapEDA and UltraLibrarian - things are starting to shift. Both of those services have delivered problems as well - but it seems to be faster to start with them and check/modify as needed for the complex stuff.

At the end of the day - I treat any standard library as being totally broken until I prove it. The process of proving it out is similar to just building it from scratch.

Carlos Acosta
Factory400 - YouTube|Instagram
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in reply to: engineeringNCMXB

Thanks, that's what I expected. I learned, never trust this librarys!! to bad!
Fusion users should get a montly smart money.😎


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in reply to: wefindus

A quick look on Mouser or Digikey will show that there is no standard to the pinouts for transistors (or pretty much any components for that matter). Even after designing your part, if you end up swapping parts out at some point you should check that your layout matches your new part.

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