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Track segment selection intermittent

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Track segment selection intermittent

When editing my PCB, there is inconsistent behavior of the track segment selection; please see the video, perhaps I am doing something incorrectly?



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Another video of the issue:


Please help...

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in reply to: scott.nortman

If you are just trying to rip up a track, select the "rip up" tool instead of the selection tool and try that. Same goes for moving tracks, use the "move" tool instead of the selection tool.

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in reply to: rbeyerCLBSZ

Thanks for the suggestion, but that is not the point; I need to delete a segment of track and I can't even do that because I can't select it.


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in reply to: scott.nortman

Selecting isn't necessary for using the delete tool (I know, the instinct is to select the track and hit the "delete" key). However if you select the delete tool, you can just click on any track without selecting it first.


And yes, I agree that this is a problem, just trying to figure out if the problem is with the select tool, or selection in general. If you can use the delete/move/etc tools by themselves (without selecting first), this may narrow down the issue for the Autodesk developers.

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in reply to: rbeyerCLBSZ

Nothing is working...


When I click on the rip up connected copper tool and then the track, nothing happens.


When I click on the 'garbage can' delete first, then I click on the track, nothing happens.


When I attempt the same actions a few times, occasionally a track is selected...


This is super frustrating

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Figured out the issue...


When you have a wide track, I has assumed that you can click anywhere on the width of the track to select it; however, that is not the case; you need to click very close to the 'imaginary centerline' of the track.  Once you do that all works OK.

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in reply to: scott.nortman

This is one of the things that makes object selection in Fusion Electronics (and Eagle) rather obnoxious.  Hopefully someday they make FE work more like the rest of Fusion in this respect.




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