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Trace snaps to via

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Trace snaps to via



I'm trying to draw a trace from a via, but I can't because if I try to end the 1st line of the trace too close to the via the trace snaps to the via. Look:


This is the minimum distance I can get:




If I get any closer, this happens:




It snaps to the via. How do I change this snap distance? I tried changing DRC/Clearance/Same Signals all to 0, but no change. This trace has to bend close to the via as I'm modifying a differential pair, and I need to modify it by hand (not using the differential pair feature).




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It's hard to judge the image without scale but I'm guessing you could adjust your grid/snap settings which might allow a closer approach to the via before the software infers that you want to connect to it. Another option would be to draw the trace at a wide berth from the via and drag it in to complete the route.




Steve Ritter
Manufacturing Engineer

Fusion 360
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I tried changing the grid but it doesn't help. What are the snap settings you mentioned? Is it at DRC/Clearance/Same Signals?


But yes, drawing a longer trace and then dragging it closer works. Thanks for that information. Also, when I just created the via (drawn a trace then pressed space) it then allows me to get as close as I want when drawing the next trace on the other layer. But after finishing drawing it, if I try to draw another trace from that via, it then snaps, not letting me to get any close to the via's center.

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