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Tip for Eagle Users who like to type ( like me )

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Tip for Eagle Users who like to type ( like me )

One thing that was driving me crazy with Fusion Electronics was the need to press Slash before typing commands.  I've been tripping over the slash key for months as I transition from Eagle to Fusion Electronics.   Luckily I just learned how to have Fusion command line behave just like Eagle does.  


Select preferences (right click on your name icon in the upper right hand corner), go to the electronics section and turn on 'Legacy command line focus'. 


Ahh, that's so much better.




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I usually use mov command as it very helpful with parts placement on PCB. I have to say I have never changed any settings and I only typing mov r1.... Never had to type slash.

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I wonder if 'legacy mode' is now the default?  I was a pretty early adopter and may have inherited a less than ideal set of defaults.

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