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Thoughts on Rigid Flex PCB Support in Fusion

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Thoughts on Rigid Flex PCB Support in Fusion

I am a big fan of using rigid flex boards. They clean up cabling, and make assembly more intuitive.

One of Fusions major draw-backs are the lack of proper flex support.

The great thing is that fusion has the opportunity to implement perhaps the most powerful flex board planning tool.

If you modify the sheet metal tool in fusion, one can create the board by growing it to fit in 3D, as oppose of making paper models and recreating a 2d model afterwards.



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I have a project where rigid-flex might be needed because a combination of tight space and simple assembly (no connectors to plug in or cables to handsolder)

The power of fusion is the ability to have the "enclosure" and the electronics tight coupled in the same project. So If the mechanical designer have to move/add/edit something the flex-part can be quickly edited to fit

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Hi @erik.buerV95QJ @rhdfmail 


Rigid-Flex would be nice to have - especially in the ECAD-MCAD co-design environment where the mechanical fit could drive the board sections and part layout. It's something that will be added to the roadmap at the right time.


In the nearer term we're also closing gaps on some critical things. The recent release for example included orth-drag in schematic, and ODB++ manufacturing outputs.


I'd like to learn more about your experience using FLEX and designing for it. Feel free to email me directly if you'd like to discuss over a zoom call:


Kind regards,


Ben Jordan

Senior Product Manager, Fusion 360 Electronics

LinkedIn | YouTube | Personal Blog | Fusion 360 Electronics Series

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