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The quirky library master thread with video and pictures :-)

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The quirky library master thread with video and pictures :-)

The library is the heart of any electronics design software. This system holds the information that defines every single part that goes into your design. When you decide to use a new part you recently found - your very first step is defining it in the library before you can put it in your schematic or circuit board layout.

Since this part of the software is what the designer must interact with constantly from beginning to the end of any project - you may think that it would be smooth, intuitive, and pleasant. No such luck. So much of this critical system is bizarre, scattered, and very difficult to figure out. That is a description of what is already there, what is missing is not even mentioned.

The good news is that things are improving overall, but there are still a mountain of quirks that are nearly impossible to just figure out on your own.

This video is intended to open up the conversation with users about what may make this part of the software better. Personally, I want an obvious flow from part creation to the output of the manufacturing data. At the moment, everything feels like a workaround and the solutions are a scattershot of mouse clicks all over the place. It is crazy, but mainly on the UI side. I believe the underlying back-end works.

Chime in .

Carlos Acosta
Factory400 - YouTube|Instagram

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