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team versus libs in design from EAGLE

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team versus libs in design from EAGLE


I loaded some EAGLE designs into the FUSION360 enviroment and also got some of the libraries in the design to TEAM space by editing and breaking the link to I stored these libs and now they show up as TEAM libs in the library manager but are still ones in my design.

So. How can I get my design to use the TEAM libs and not the ones?

Regards, Harald


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in reply to: HarrySatt

Hello @HarrySatt ,


the components in the projects do not update automatically. They refer to the libraries originally taken from. This is not a big deal, but, of course, if you prefer to have the components coming from the library saved in your Fusion team storage, you could update the components in the design.....


My first idea was to do a library update, but this won't work because the local library is not recognized although it has the same name.... I am not (yet) sure, whether this is intended. I will check and tell you later.  😉

What you could do is to replace all components with the REPLACE command. But you have to use one replace for each type of component you have in your design.  Best practice for replace is shown in this video


I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Richard Hammerl

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in reply to: HarrySatt

Nice. Thanks. but still a large amount of time necessary for only changing the associated lib from to TEAM. there should be a faster way, because I think this is one of the mayor holdbacks for switching from EAGLE to FUSION360.

Regards, Harald

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in reply to: RichardHammerl

In EAGLE it was easier because it was possible to edit the XML .SCH and .BRD and change the libraries. A bit delicate but possible. The .FBRD does not offer this opportunity because it is compressed binary data.

regards, Harald

PS: Smaller designs can be done by hand but think of one hundred parts. Who will try to get these designs into FUSION360. Takes much too long. But how easy it might be to swap the two libraries with equal contents by only switching from namespace to TEAM namespace. Fast and not error prone. Maybe one idea for making things easier.

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in reply to: HarrySatt

Hi @HarrySatt ,


I hope you're doing well. If the TEAM library and the managed library have the same name then the UPDATE command will work as long as you have not added any components from the TEAM library into the design. If you have a mix then the replace option Richard mentioned is the best way forward.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2


As @RichardHammerl pointed out the UPDATE command does not have any effect if there is a TEAM and lib in the design. Really a lot of work is needed to toggle the lib from to TEAM

Regards, Harald

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