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Switching from Eagle to Fusion Electronics

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Switching from Eagle to Fusion Electronics

I have just done a bit of work and experimented with with the Fusion Electronics workflow.  I like where Autodesk is going with this and the UI updates are a nice improvement on the standard Eagle.  The integration into Fusion has the potential for being so good but there are quite a few problems, the biggest one I have found is with the libraries.

You can import an existing user library into Fusion and use it but it creates a copy and saves it to the Fusion data panel.  The problem with this is I have a large managed library in Eagle that I would like to continue using but I see no way to do this?

If I do create the local copy I also found that I cannot upload .step files for a package created in the new Fusion libraries and the only way to get a 3D model is to use the package generator which then saves a file to the Fusion data panel rather than stores it in the libraries which is a huge problem.


The only way around all these problems that I can find is to keep using the managed library without creating a version in Fusion and then if I want to edit the library then I do it through Eagle.  This works but is pretty clunky and I am sure Autodesk doesn't intend for it to be this way, so please could you fix it?


Sorry to rant but really want to use this product in Fusion but at this stage it's not quite there yet.


Is there going to be a fix soon for these library issues?

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Although written for a different question, this post seems to have the answer you want. Essentially, it says that it doesn’t exist yet, but they are planning on changing that “very soon.”

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Link does not work.

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Whoops, clipboard mishap. Here's the correct link.

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