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Switching between schematic and lay-out annoyingly slow

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Switching between schematic and lay-out annoyingly slow



Used to Eagle for a few years now and since Eagle is getting no/less updates and the focus shifts to Fusion for Electronics Design I at least want to try it out for 1 project. I've got some issues though.


The switching between schematic and layout view is very slow. It seems to close the schematic view altogether, closing the icons, taskbar, schematic view, design manager, inspector. Then opening the layout view, opening the taskbar, inspector, ..., etc. If it's in two tabs I expect it to work almost instantaneously. I've got a beefy laptop, Dell XPS, and it feels like it's closing and opening a new Fusion instance.


I know about the 'chrome tab' you can drag out, but I'm missing the different 'chrome tab features'. I can drag out, but not in. I also can't rearrange the tabs. And, like the first issue, it's still slow. Closing the one instance, opening the other instance. I can visually see what parts of the program are shutting down.


Can this be fixed/added? It seems like Fusion is running three time as heavy as Eagle did.

Thank you.

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Hello @pascal0312 ,

It's a known issue that the switching between schematic and layout view is slow. The team is trying to fix it.


Regarding to the tabs, once you drag a tab out, you can see there is an arrow icon on the right side of the tab. If you click it, you will put the tab back to the main window.





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in reply to: yqliu

Any luck fixing this yet? It takes about 4 seconds, which is a very bad first impression.

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in reply to: j.lodder

I will second the call for an answer on a fix for this.  It is not only annoying, but causing loss in productivity time.  Especially if you want to use one screen only so you can have a datasheet or something on the other screen.  We looked into graphics cards in our PC's thinking that may be the issue, but def is not that and must be something within the Fusion system causing it.

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