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Stable releases and auto-update of Fusion.

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Stable releases and auto-update of Fusion.

Instead of pumping out new versions of Fusion Electronics each month, whing are incredibly unstable. Could you maintain a stable version, which is updated less often?

Is it possible to disable auto-update? The unstable nature of Fusion electronics is a serious liability.

I don’t care about having the flashy features, i need the software to be stable.



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I know there have been other posts about this over the years. There are several reasons that Autodesk decided to force automatic updates on Fusion and I'm sure we will never know all of them.


First, everybody is using the same version at all times unless you are working offline when the update is released. This kind of turns backward compatibility into a non-issue. A Fusion file will always open in Fusion no matter who created it or when. It also simplifies things from a support perspective.


Second, if updates were optional, a lot of users would probably turn them off because they like their "stable" version. That sets the dev team back 10 years to the service pack days when users wouldn't start reporting issues until months or years after release when they finally decided to upgrade. The user base is the ultimate test for any new feature because let's face it - if anyone will break something, it's not gonna be the guy that wrote the code. Otherwise, they would have already fixed it.


The forums are essentially a direct line of communication where we can work through the issues together and give feedback. Fusion covers much more territory than say Eagle or Inventor alone. Yes, both applications can do things Fusion can't and that will probably never change but the idea is to streamline the entire design process from concept to production.




Steve Ritter
Manufacturing Engineer

Fusion 360

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