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Spline command interferes with Split command

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Spline command interferes with Split command

In the recent webinar on the Fusion 360 Electronics Roadmap it was brought up how different things (layers were mentioned in the video) were named specifically so that they would be easy to access thorough the command line by only typing the beginning of the command. I think this is a great feature that saves a lot of time. Unfortunately the new Spline command interferes with the Split command and now you have to type out Split in it's entirety. Is there any thoughts from the development team on revising the spline command name? Also are there plans to avoid this type of issue in the future?


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As a side note: for shortcuts you could use the shortcuts menu instead. Instead of pressing "\" + "Spline", you can use "s" + "sp". It also offers autocomplete and is workspace sensitive. 🙂 It does not offer script support though.



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Hi @dtoddEKZJ7 ,


I hope you are doing well. I agree with PinRudolf, for now that's a good way to have custom shortcuts. I think that's one of those things where it couldn't be avoided, Splines are well known in the CAD community and Split is one of our oldest commands so I don't think there were many options for renaming either command.


It's unlikely that type of collision could come up again but where possible it will be avoided.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Hi Jorge and PinRudolf,

Thanks for the suggestion. I figured it would be difficult to rename either of those but also thought it was worth asking. The custom shortcut seems like it would resolve my issue if I was working in Fusion and possibly in Eagle. Right now we are still in the standalone version of Eagle due to some issues with Fusion. It looks like you guys are making progress towards making fusion better though so hopefully we'll transition to it someday.

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