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Spice Simulation Error (GND: No such vector)

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Spice Simulation Error (GND: No such vector)

Screenshot from 2022-10-20 14-59-08.pngScreenshot from 2022-10-20 14-59-24.pngScreenshot from 2022-10-20 14-59-38.pngIMG_3150.JPGIMG_3151.JPGHello!


I have been a long time user of fusion 360 for solid modeling and have recently delved into PCB design using the program. Right now i am trying to test some transient simulations on a simple circuit to get a feel for using the spice features built into the program. While I would really like to use this for my larger project, I am running into errors when trying to simulate.


I have attached the simple circuit I designed as well as the error I am getting. In addition to the original circuit i made, i went back and created a new circuit from scratch with the same issue. 


Error(parse.c-checkvalid): GND: no such vector.

Note: No ".plot", "print", or ".fourier" lines; no simulations run


I tried changing between supplying DC and AC power supplies, made sure my file was a single name, deleting components of the circuit with no avail. I am able to see the operating points but am unsure if there is a larger issue with my process or something i am not doing. 


If anyone has run into a similar error, or has any good references for Fusion simulation materials I would greatly appreciate it.


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in reply to: asanseverino3

Hi @asanseverino3 

I hope you are doing well!

You can remove the V(0) probe and try it again.

Hope it can help.



Panpan Fan

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in reply to: panpan_fan

Hi @panpan_fan , thank you for the suggestion, that worked for me. In some tutorials I was watching people were using two voltage probes to measure on their circuit. The video was from 2020, so is that outdated for Fusion and only 1 needs to be used now?



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in reply to: asanseverino3

The voltage probes are not differential so you do not need two .. all voltages are referenced to ground which is 0V, and so there is never a need to probe ground .. the fact that it does not work when you put a probe on ground should be fixed, but it is always 0V by definition so there should be no need.  You can certainly add probes anywhere you want in the circuit, just not on ground at the moment.  There is no reason we cannot allow it though (and it should not be an error) so I think we will fix that.  For now as Panpan said, just do not place probes on ground.  We will review how a probe on ground is handled.  

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in reply to: edpataky

Understood, thank you very much!

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