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Snap to end of line in Dimension layer

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Snap to end of line in Dimension layer


I'm trying to do something that, on the surface, seems pretty straightforward.

I have imported a PCB outline from a DXF file into my 2D PCB, and I needed to make a few mods to this.  Its been set up on the dimension layer (Layer 20) so it will define my 3D PCB outline when I generate this.

However, the ends of the lines aren't on any particular grid, and when I try and draw a line from one line end to another line end, I can't get the two to effectively join up, which means my PCB outline isn't closed, and my 3D PCB comes up with an error saying there is no board outline.


I can see on the 2D PCB where there is a problem with the two line ends not "snapping" to one another (the highlights lighter green hatched section is what I mean).  All I want to be able to do is to force these two line ends to join up, but I can't seem to find a function within Fusion360 Electronics that will force them to do that


Anyone got any ideas?




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@maustinQZ9FZ ,


The easiest way is editing the outline sketch inside 3D PCB. You can simply apply coincident constraint to the points that are disconnected.


Actually if you want to load an outline from dxf, I recommend to do it inside 3D PCB environment. Once imported, you have all the sketch tool to edit it:





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