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Single Schematic - Multiple Boards

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Single Schematic - Multiple Boards

It was mentioned in one of the videos about the possibility of using one Schematic with multiple boards. Has that day come yet or is in in the near future?



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in reply to: rg.jones

Hi @rg.jones,


I hope you're doing well. The day has not come yet,  it is the eventual goal but I don't see it coming in the near term. Feel free to bump this thread whenever you want an update.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Clarifying question - are you asking to use the same schematic to target different PCB outlines but each board will have the same base schematic?  Or are you asking for the schematic to be partitioned so a percentage of the schematic goes on one and some percentage on another?  The latter isnt supported (yet) but the former is supported and supported quite well.  I hope this is what you were after.  I dont think that without knowing your intent it is correct to say that this is unsupported.




Matt - Autodesk.

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Here is an explanatory video that I created for my internal team which I'm hoping clarifies some of our "intent" with the current workflow.  Please keep this video between you and I 😉 as it was meant for my team to understand some of the "conceptual" detail.


The future effort is the expansion of this to more than the current one-to-many into something more elaborate.  I will hold back saying if/when this will materialize but we would also encourage you to reach out so we can gather your input on what you need and how best we can tackle the problem.  My email is and I would like to bring you into our discussion(s) about multi-board if that is the intent.  Thank you!


Best regards,



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in reply to: matt.berggren

Hi Matt, thanks for the follow up. My original question intent was the former. Single schematic that could be the source for more than one board. Since you mentioned that is possible today  it would be great to get some guidance (video pointer) on how to do just that. Still coming up to speed on Fusion E-Cad as I am migrating my designs from Eagle.


Since, I posted my question, the latter option you mentioned also occurred to me as something that would generally be useful from a project organization point of view so I am glad you brought that up. Having the ability to place all the schematics in one file and then derive multiple PCB's from separate sheets that could potentially all end up in a related enclosure/assembly would be great.

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