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Side Tool bars resizing themselves

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Side Tool bars resizing themselves

It appears that the toolbars are resizing themselves when opening specific tool. 


I have purposely made the inspector and content manager side bars smaller because the default size is aggressive on a larger monitor. Working inside a library the side bars reset to their default size when I open a tool for the first time. So if I open the SMD pad tool to place a new pad, they jump back to default size. Then I shrink them again. Then I activate the move tool and they resize themselves again. Rinse and repeat. I have attached two screen shots showing the before with my reduced side bars, and then an after with the line tool launched the first time. 



It appears this behavior stops after the first time you launch the tool, so subsequent launches of each tool do not resize the side bars. However this is a very annoying experience. The default sizes of the tool bars on larger monitors are super oversized. It also appears that fusion does not save the resized toolbars on restart, so each time you restart fusion (a lot lately with how unstable it is) you get to shrink them manually again. This is just one of many annoying UI problems throughout fusion at this point. 

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Additionally. If you break out the content manager so it's a floating window instead of pinned, then stretch it to be full length of the window, then move it at all, it snaps back to the default smaller length each time you move it.....



Both toolbars also resize themselves to default large size each time you open and then close the fusion data panel....



I have to ask, at this point is there any internal testing being done before new releases are pushed out? Or is it just accepted that customers are now the testers?

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At this point, I think it's quite clear to most of us, that we are the PAYING beta testers of this less than mediocre software that seems to have no QA whatsoever.

But, the icons are nice (actually, they are NOT. They are much worse than before, but this has become a bit of an excuse statement)!

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To add to this .... the side tools on the left no longer offer a way to hide them. The collapse icon no longer exists. This not only takes up screen space, but laying out boards is now painfully slow because of all of the underlying attempts to update the various memos while I try to move the mouse.  See the attached screen shot.


I am running on a MacBook with a 2.8GHz 8-Core Intel I9 processor.


I wish I could go back to a pre-MAY 22 release. Fusion Team ... please please please consider the impact your decisions are having on customers trying to do work. Your ideas may be well intended but they are not well executed.


I meant what I said ... how can customers revert to a previous release?

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Same thing for me.

Also, bar with sheets in schematic editor has same problem.

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Hi everyone,


I hope you're doing well. I've passed this along to the developer for panels, he's working on getting this sorted.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: chris.eganY2EK3

Just want to add that closing the data panel also resizes the other panels...

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Jorge, I realize I probable won't get a public reply to this, however I'd really like it stressed that either autodesk needs to start doing actual testing of their releases, or we need to be able to delay upgrading until a release is proven stable. Being forced into updating to a broken release is flat out insulting for paying customers. At a minimum releases should switch to a more robust nightly/stable release system that other companies use. Let those willing to test early releases opt-in to that system and let those who are trying to use this software for actual work stick with the proven tested stable releases. 

This resizing issue is annoying, but not a fully breaking bug. However there are other bugs right now making it impossible for co-workers to use fusion. And this isn't a 1-time thing. We've seen releases that corrupt and delete data, releases that result in constant crashes, and plenty of other bugs that were usability breaking.

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More places this is functionality breaking. 
In a schematic or layout, if you have resized anything and then do a copy symbol/footprint/device to library the toolbars resize and then the popup window asking which library to copy to gets hidden. 

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Hi Chris,


I know there is at least one panel fix coming in the next Hot Fix release of Fusion 360 which should ease this. Once that hotfix is out let me know if you don't see that problem anymore.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

Did this resolve your issue? Please accept it "As a Solution" so others may benefit from it.
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I have not tested every iteration of situations I had seen before, but I would say the issue is half fixed. I still see the toolbars resizing when you open and close the data panel, which is hugely irritating. But at least they don't resize when you activate various tools.
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Version 2.0.13168, still not fixed. Opening and closing the data panel resets all panes to theirs silly large size each time. 

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I am also struggling with the self-resizing side panes. I still see this issue with 2.0.13881.

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Bumping this thread because the issue still exists. It seems with each update different parts of the electronics UI get fixed or break. Today I'm seeing the bottom pages panel again defaulting to comically large when a design is open. 

It also seems that there is just no memory being assigned to toolbar layouts. Every single time I open a schematic I collapse the "display layers" toolbar because I never use it. And yet every single time I open a new schematic it opens again. Stuffing that into the left toolbar makes the design manager and place components portions basically unusable. 

I also adjust the add component toolbar every single time. I always turn off the "library" column, because I only ever work from one library at a time, and then I resize the columns because it defaults to cutting off the component names. Why can this not be remembered? Why can the UI not retain the customizations that I make? (and lets not even get into how much worse the new add components toolbar is vs the old pop up window). 

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