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Shortcuts not saved

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Shortcuts not saved



when assigning shortcuts in electronics they work for the session. I am saving the docs. Leave Fusion 360.
Then when I start Fusion360 again, load the electronics designs where I did the shortcuts, all are gone.


Why? Just wanted to make friends with EAGLE inside Fusion360. Not a great start.





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Does anybody from AutoDesk read this? It there another bug tracker I should use?

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It looks like it is related when you are assigning shortcuts to + and - keys. When assigning then, they do work immediately until you are quitting Fusion. After restart they are gone and potentially also all your other shortcuts. The latter part looks flakey to me, sometimes they are kept sometimes all are deleted.


I remember from EAGLE, that +/- keys are not possible to assign. If that's still the case fine, but then tell the user instead of keeping them working for a while and then delete all your shortcuts.


Needs to be fixed asap. Without shortcuts no productivity on a professional level. Shortcuts are not a nice to have, they are an essential part of professional working. These need to work 100% and never automatically deleted.




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Hi @infoUVDM3,


That is unexpected, I'll report this to the developers to see what's going on. 


I'll report back once I've heard from them.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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