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Sheet metal cutouts for a D-sub?

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Sheet metal cutouts for a D-sub?

I have a project I'm putting together - 3 PCBs with DB9 connectors on the front, inside of a 1U rack enclosure.


Can anyone tell me how I'm supposed to make the cutouts in the sheet metal for the DB9s?


I've tried selecting various surfaces to extrude as a cut, but there's a thousand surfaces you have to grab, and having to do that on each of 6 DB9s is completely unreasonable - plus irt doesn't even work on the DB9-F connector, as the holes leave little pieces of the panel's metal floating in free space (and of course they can't be selected & deleted).

I've tried the hole tool, which also puts the hole through my PCB and connector.

I've tried opening a base model for a DB connector, and adding sketches which I could then save as something to use with the extrude tool, but I can't make that work, either.


I feel like I'm missing something very obvious and/or basic here. Surely, putting holes in panels for D-Sub connectors is not at all uncommon.


Pic attached, for what it's worth. Right now, this is just the PCB positioned such that the connectors stick out past the panel, but it's not an actual cutout.scalb-db9-cutouts..PNG

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OK, I've figured it out. It seems like more of a workaround or "hack" rather than a solution, so I'll leave this post active in case anybody has any better ways of doing this.


1. On front of panel with DB9 sticking through as shown in above picture, create a sketch.

2. Draw a circle on either side of the DB9.

3. Change to a rear view, and look through the connector's mating mount holes to center that circle where the hardware will go.

4. Turn off the visibility of whichever component or body has the D-Sub connector on it

5. Then extrude that hole through the sheet metal.

6. Re-enable visibility of the body/component and it should be lined up right where it's supposed to be.

7. Repeat on the other side.


For the actual "connector" portion, with the part visible, I drew an outline with ~1mm clearance all around the outside of the connector, alternating between Line a 3-Point Arc. Once I had that finished, I again disabled the visibility of the body with the DB9 on it, and could extrude through the sheet metal, creating a hole with appropriate clearance.


From there, it was a matter of using Rectangular Pattern and selecting the extrusions as the bodies to pattern. First, to create a Pattern on a single PCB's connectors, and again to make Patterns for the other two PCBs.


Once I got into the "Fusion" mindset, it seemed so obvious, and only took about 10 minutes from start to finish.


But, again, if someone knows a better way of doing this, I'm all ears.

DB9 Cutouts done.PNG

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