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Set 3d PCB board origin

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Set 3d PCB board origin

I have a model of an enclosure in Fusion that needs multiple PCBs mounted in it. Now I want to be able to modify the enclosure, which in line will change the shape of my PCBs.


I'm using the derive function `Sketch in enclosure model` -> derive -> `sketch in 3d pcb file` -> PCB outline gets extruded based on the derived sketch -> pull 3D pcb into eagle -> work with board in eagle.

This workflow works, but only if my original sketch is in the XY plane. I could rotate my original enclosure so the PCB is in the XY plane, but my enclosure has multiple PCBs in different planes. So there will always only be one that can correctly be translated to Eagle.


Is there a way to set the origin in a 3D PCB model, so Eagle imports the board outline correctly?

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With this workflow there also doesn't seem to be a way to delete a derived sketch in your 3d PCB


Or push changes back from Eagle to Fusion? (see screenshot)

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