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Screencast issues

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Screencast issues

1. Why do I have to sign in to screencast, when I'm already signed in to Fusion 360?
Is it really that hard to share the login info between to programs from the same company?

2. Screencast offers to select a screen or region to record. Initially, I did not get the option for "Lock to an Application", the choice wasn't even there,  only came up after the 3rd or 4'th launch.

3. If choosing "Select a region" my screens get all messed up, with my secondary display showing parts of the primary and nothing of its own contents. And the primary display goes all white. Some weird green lines appear, which seems to select what application window to record, but moving them is almost impossible. It is EXTREMELY laggy to move the selection cross.
A kind of microscope view shows (for some obscure reason) at the upper right of the secondary display.
See attached picture.


4. Screencast doesn't work well on the Mac, as the menu is detached from the application and on top of the screen.
So, whenever the main menu is being used, it's not shown on the screencast.
I doubt there is a solution to that, apart from recording the complete main (or secondary) screen.


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