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Running the synchronization tool applies global attribute to certain parts.

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Running the synchronization tool applies global attribute to certain parts.

When opening the design I am working on, I had the pleasure of seeing sync deactivated message.

lost sync.PNG

Luckily there is a new synchronization tool made to resolve this issue.

The only problem is that the synchronization tool creates more DRCs than it solves.

It applies a global attribute to a set of components, but only in the PCB, making the synchronization job more extensive than not using the synchronization tool at all.


I don't understand why this is a thing. Why not always update the board attributes from the schematic?
Why can't a missing part in the PCB simply be placed by the user upon opening the PCB-file?
Why on earth must I have all project files open while only working on one of them?

I have worked on many ECAD packages, and I cannot recall having any issue with this elsewhere.


Autodesk telling the user to "always have all files open" is a horrible solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist.


Fusion electronics is such an unstable piece of software, and the auto updating feature makes it a serious liability.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to work around the bugs of the software.

If you want to keep the customer base you purchased with Eagle you seriously need to work on the stability of the software.



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You can't make this up..

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