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Round PCB Errors

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Round PCB Errors


I am trying to make a round PCB. I create a round profile in a sketch in Fusion 360 and us the 'Create 3D PCB' which works ok.

When I link it to my PCB layout document it comes in as a green circle.


When I drag the components onto it I get a load of dimension errors. and the auto router will not work.


 I have tried this on a rectangular  PCB using the same process and it works fine


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in reply to: Rollmop

Hi @Rollmop ,


From the images, it seems to me that the circle is a filled circle and is on a dimension layer. I made this assumption based on green boundary color in rectangular board. For the board area to be defined, only the boundary should be on dimension layer and the enclosing area should not be filled. A circle with width 0 is taken as a filled circle.

Could you confirm if the circular boundary you made had width of 0 or not?

The violation area around parts also seems to be because the system thinks you have put parts on the boundary (Dimension layer) and hence the auto-router also does not seem to work.


Please let me know if this resolved your issue. Thank you.

Rajat Goel
Software Engineer
Autodesk Fusion 360 Electronics
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Hi Rajat,


the board was created from a circle drawn in Fusion 360 design and the profile it produced? so the line can only have a width of zero.

I think this is only a bug that applies to circular boards as I have now found a workaround. if you put a small rectangular cutout in the board it comes in on the right layer and the auto-router works ok.


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in reply to: Rollmop

Hi @Rollmop  

Hope you are doing well. 

As you mentioned, the reason of this issue is that the width of circle is zero. The 'circle width 0' is a  intended behaviour in Eagle side for silkscreening related behavior. But I think it is a bug when draw Circle as board shape and I have reported it to our Develop team. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Beside the workaround your mentioned, another workaround is that you change the width of the circle in the Properties Dialog (Click on the Solid Circle -> Right Click -> Choose Properties -> Change the width to non-zero value manually)

Then you can use the circle board and do AutoRoute again.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 5.28.47 PM.png

Best Regards

Panpan Fan

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in reply to: Rollmop

Hi @Rollmop 

I hope you are doing well! 

Today we release Fusion 360 V2.0.8560 with the fix of this issue, could you please upgrade Fusion 360 and have a try again? I think it will work well now. 

Thanks again for posting the issue to us! Hope you enjoy using Fusion 360!



Panpan Fan

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