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Rotate many components on PCB

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Rotate many components on PCB



I am trying to rotate 300 capacitors on my PCB with the command line in this manner (and many variations thereof):


ROTATE =R90 C1 C2 C3...[etc]

I keep getting errors, also when trying just a single component. 


The error says that it would be outside the board and this is not available in the free version. The component is tiny and in the middle of a large PCB, so its not the case in my opinion.


Thanks for any advice

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have you tried selecting all the capacitors, moving them a tiny bit, and then right clicking? if you have selected a component and moved it, keep the left mouse down and right click and it should rotate 90 degrees

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That would rotate the whole group together. I need each component to rotate individually


Thank you

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in reply to: fubbi

Hi @fubbi ,


I hope you're doing well. The easiest way to rotate each component individually is to form a selection and then use the Inspector, change the rotation in the inspector and that will rotate all of the components individually.


Let me know how that works.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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I keep getting the placement outside the board message. I am trying your suggestion with just 1 tiny component in the middle of the PCB.


Maybe there is some fundamental problem with my settings?


Thank you

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