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Replace PCB Board In Current Design

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Replace PCB Board In Current Design

Created a project with a PCB board and saved components, etc. on it.  Would like to replace that PCB board with a PCB board with different dimensions and mounting hole layouts without  repositioning components, etc.   Any way to substitute in this updated PCB?  have not found the correct sequence of doing this, any suggestions /solutions would be appreciated.  Thank you

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I would suggest the following approach.


1) Create a new design and sketch (Solid>Create Sketch) of the circuit board outline and holes.

You should place the sketch in the x-y plane and keep the board in this x>0, y> 0 quarter plane (1st quadrant). (I am using the Personal version of FT, so components may not be movable if they are not in this region.) When the sketch is finished, save it.


2) Then  use Create>Derive PCB from sketch. This will make a 3D PCB. At this point the PCB file will not have the components on it. It will be just the board and any holes.


3) Save the 3D PCB file. Use Modify>Link to 2D PCB. The board outline will now appear in your 2D PCB file. From the 2D PCB file use Switch>View 3D PCB. The unpopulate PCB board will appear with a dialog asking if you want to make updates to the 3D PCB. Answer OK and the populated 3D PCB will appear.


To modify the board geometry, go to the beginning of the 3D PCB timeline. Hover the mouse over the first icon will tell you the board geometry source file. Right click it to edit the sketch. When done editing the board geometry push the design back to the 2D PCB.


In the first step, you can also used Create>3D PCB. The disadvantage of this approach is that you can not associate user parameters with the sketch.

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