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Recover F/B Annotation: need to (re)NAME specific pin / delete and re-place part

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Recover F/B Annotation: need to (re)NAME specific pin / delete and re-place part

As a result of two back to back crashes I have lost the sync between my schematic and board. Generally the recovery file works, but apparently because of the second crash, it reverted to an even older version. I'm having trouble recovering this. The problem is that the nets for two pins of one package need to be swapped in the board. Starting

the board from scratch is not an option.


The error itself is quite simple, a consistency error (2 of them): Different connections on <schematic> and <board>.


I tried the following ways of solving it:

1. when I use the NAME command it modifies that net everywhere in the board, so it errors on the other side of the net. Even when the NAME is performed on a net that is only connected to that pin and nothing else.

2. when I delete the package, ERC reports a missing component. However, there seems to be no way to re-insert any missing components ?

3. when I manually add the package back and name it after the missing package, it seems to be impossible to manually select each pin (to set its net). It also seems impossible to manually wire up to that pin and then NAME its net because the two don't 'connect'. As a result, it complains about different connections (eg N$150 vs none).


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You should be able to edit the schematic or board so that they are consistent to recover F/B Annotation. Also, you can technically make all the connections from the schematic within the board workspace, although it is more complicated than when working with the schematic. Since you are working with two pins on the same package, I would suggest using the PINSWAP command. I can't find it in the graphical interface, but you can get to it by typing "pinswap" into the command box. If your package does not allow PINSWAP, you can also delete the airwires going to the swapped pins and create new airwires by using Place > Signal. Not that you would need to use it, but you can use Place > Add Part if you have an inconsistency in components.

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Thank you for this. It turned out to be a bit more difficult than this, after I read your reply it turns out that the two latest versions of the board also became corrupted. (0 byte files if I look at the file in the appdata folder). Anyway, I do have F/B annotation now.

The next problem was that I had some signals in the schematic that did not exist at all in the board, so the place->signal that I learned from your post could also not help me out there.. I fixed things by removing these signals from the schematic too, to get the F/B annotation back, and then put them back in.


But there seems to be no way to just add a new net in the board editor at all, is there ? Also: if I incorrectly did a Place -> Signal on a pin, there also seems to be no way to remove or change that signal if I understand correctly ?

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It's good that you got your files corrected so that F/B annotation is synced.


For future reference, Place > Signal should be able to connect any pins including those that don't have an existing net. First, click on Signal in the menu, then click on the two or more pins to connect. Press Esc to start a new signal. To remove a connection in the board editor, select the connection and then press the backspace/delete key. Once the correct parts are connected, the new signal can be renamed to match the name of the net in the schematic. It should automatically adjust its name if connected to a preexisting signal. The signal command isn't as clear to use as the net command, likely because it is not part of the standard workflow. However, it does do its job in making it possible to do schematic operations from the board side, making it useful for situations like this or when you only need a board without the schematic.

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my post is related to another topic.... and I do not know how to delete my post... 🙈

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