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"Hide all Polygon Pour fills" command causes Fusion360 to freeze

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"Hide all Polygon Pour fills" command causes Fusion360 to freeze

I just updated Fusion360 to 2.0.8560 (Student version on Windows 10) and was going to continue with designing a PCB with the new electronics workflow in Fusion360. There have been no issues (except with library editing, back-annotation and cosmetic issues) up to now but when I tried to use the new  function which is supposed to supersede the unpour function fusion360 just completely freezes and won't unfreeze (I tried multiple times).


Upon further investigation the "Re-fill Polygon Pours" function seems to also cause fusion360 to crash except that in this case it does it cleanly by immediately offering to send an error report.

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in reply to: Tuege

Hi, I sent you a private message concerning this issue.  Please click on the messages envelope up on your AUTODESK toolbar to retrieve.  Thanks, Andy

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in reply to: andy.ball

We found an issue related to the new Polygon Pour features, but it is really manifested when re-creation of airwires (ratsnest) is required.

When you have an in-progress board with several disconnected parts of a signal partially completed, and Polygon Pours are involved, activity that requires the ratsnest to get updated can occasionally cause bad behavior (program hang).  That includes Polygon Pour editing and fill manipulation, Ratsnest command, interactive routing, etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience, a fix update is imminent.

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in reply to: andy.ball

I am having the same issue, this is a breaking change for the program as the old un-pour polygon feature is an important part of the workflow.


Is there a workaround or fix yet?

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in reply to: infoC22KN

Yes, Sorry for that bug, folks.  We realize it makes using the new Polygon features a difficult challenge.  We are assembling a bug fix update presently, to be deployed as soon as our crack QA crew can certify it.

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