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Push to Fusion360 rotates components unexpectedly

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Push to Fusion360 rotates components unexpectedly


(I am reposting from EAGLE PCB Forum since I got no reply there


Well I will try to describe the problem.


When I push my design to Fusion360 (I use Eagle 9.6.2 premium), sometimes I get some components that have been rotated by 90degrees. Sometimes this happens even though I have in my design multiple same components but not all of them are being rotated. Checking my library, 3d models seem perfectly aligned to my footprints. So I don't know what else to do.


I will attach some photos describing the problem. Maybe you can understand what is going on.



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Hi @konstantinos.karamfylidis 

I hope you are doing well! The issue you meet is similar to a known issue which is related to Spin.

So can you check those rotated components to see if they check the Spin box (You can check it by right click the component and open Properties Dialog). 

If it is not Spin, then there may be some other issues here. 



Panpan Fan

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Yeap you are right.


My workaround was to remove the component and add it again, which obviously removes the spin on the component, but as a solution was totally unacceptable.


I used the spin only to make the components designator looks better. Never thought about it's going to introduce such a problem.

I hope there is going to be a bug fix, since this is a known issue.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @konstantinos.karamfylidis 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is a bug and should be fixed.

We have reported this issue to our develop team and we will keep you updated when we fix this issue.

Thanks again for reporting this issue to us. 



Panpan Fan

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in reply to: panpan_fan

Hi @konstantinos.karamfylidis 


I hope you are doing well! Today we release Fusion 360 V2.0.9313.

The issue of Spin has been fixed in the latest version. Please have a try.

If you meet other issues, please let us know, thanks!



Panpan Fan

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