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Push to 3D PCB silkscreen all moved out of alignment

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Push to 3D PCB silkscreen all moved out of alignment

When pushing my PCB to a 3D representation all of a sudden my silkscreen is misaligned. Based on another forum post (from 2018) I tried to remove the holes (yes, in a component I added before there was one hole present), but removing that one didn't solve the problem either.


This is that older forum post:


Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 17.13.03.png

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...after removing and adding the component that most likely caused the problem it works again (after I removed the hole in the footprint before)! But it still seems that that bug from 2018 didn't got solved yet? 


Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 18.31.40.png

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in reply to: infoBKDH3

Hi, @infoBKDH3 


Sorry to see you met this status again. Would you please share your PCB board with us for investigation? You can either send the file to me via e-mail( and private message or just drop the board file here. Also, Could you share the library file that contains this specipic device? Above are useful for us to reproduce the problem exactly and find an appropriate solution.




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in reply to: yiqiu.han

Yes, e-mail send! 🙂
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in reply to: yiqiu.han

This has been happening to me repeatedly the past couple months, using both the standard release, and the "Insider Edition" (as of this writing).


Any solutions?

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in reply to: pjlacrosse



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in reply to: infoBKDH3

I am having the same problem. Is there a solution to the skewed silkscreen?




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in reply to: infoBKDH3

Hi @tdeberle5HPMS,


I hope you're doing well. It looks like the files needed to be sent to the devs for review for them to get fixed. Could you give me some info about how you made this board? Did you draw the outline directly in the 2D PCB or did you use one of the ECAD-MCAD workflows?


A simple thing that sometimes helps is to make a small change and try pushing the 2D PCB to 3D PCB again. That sometimes clears the cache and gets everything re-aligned.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: infoBKDH3

Hello Jorge, I hope you had a good Holiday! The design was imported from Eagle using the your video tutorial for migrating Eagle design into Fusion 360,  excellent tutorial BTW! I tried making a small change to the 2D PCB design and pushing to 3D PCB, but it didn't change the results. Please let me know which files you need for the design and where to email them and I will send them right away. Thanks for your excellent community presence and support!


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Thank you to post this issue here. We are working on it now, would you like to share some relative files to me? It's very helpful for us to solve the issue and I sent a private message to you with my email.


Cathy Wang
Software Engineer
Fusion 360 Team
Autodesk, Inc.
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in reply to: infoBKDH3

Hi I just made a post about something similar.  Are you all experiencing this after renaming a component in the Schema?  That's what break the 3D component placement in my case.  Here is a video I made documenting the issue,


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in reply to: infoBKDH3

Here is the diagnostic log for the example video I posted above.

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in reply to: diyguitarmods

Hi @diyguitarmods 

I hope you are doing well!
Sorry to hear that you meet the Rename issue.

I have a quicky try and I can't reproduce the issue easily.

Would you mind sharing your file to us? I will send my email to us as a private message.


Panpan Fan

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Issue Resolved!! Here's how Autodesk resolved my skewed silkscreen issue:

"Hi Tom


I see the issue in your design. I’m not sure how it happened by just looking at the 3D board. There is a limitation that if you change the position of the board outline sketch, the silkscreen won’t change. But the problem here looks different. Can you go to 2D PCB and run “Remove 3D PCB Link” and they push to 3D PCB again and see if it fixes the problem?


Thanks, Richard"

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